Places to Visit in Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo is a residential city in the Orange County, California. This place was carefully planned and built and as a suburban culture around the city. There are some institutions and offices but the city is mainly famous for a good residential environment. The city was established after 1960. Mission Viejo, CA is one of the popular places to live in California now. Soon after the development the city because famous among the people who want to live their life peacefully. Though the city has a suburban culture the city is equipped with all kind of things that a person needs to live. Some of the places to visit in Mission Viejo is:

Lake: Mission Viejo Lake is one of the most exciting places to visit in Mission Viejo. There is a common restriction for visiting the lake. Only the residents and the guests of the residents are allowed to visit the lake. No access for the general visitors. In this lake fishing is allowed. There are different types of fish available in the lake. Rental services like fishing boats, kayaking, paddle boats etc. are available. The lake is equipped with public restrooms and lifeguards. Also, there is a mini beach where people can enjoy themselves. Find more at

Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club: Like any other golf club this golf club has golf courses and water. But the main thing that differs this club is the Saddleback Mountains in the backside of the golf course. The club also serves good quality food. A good place with some good quality food items can make anyone happy. The place is also available for outside reservation. For any occasion, the place can provide different spots that suit the customer. Although the price can be a negative side for some people if the person considers the beauty and enjoyment this place worth the money.

Edward Kaleidoscope Theatre: A visitor can enjoy the evening nicely on this theatre. This place is equipped with high-class features. A nice theatre with a clean environment, a snack bar, good quality sound system, well-behaved employees are the features the theatre can provide. The place also provides huge space for parking the visitor’s vehicles. However, sometimes the theatre shows old movies but the place is renowned for its excellence. Sometimes the place can get crowded with too many people as it is situated in a mall. Other than that it is a very good place for avisit.

SoCal Paddle Yoga:Like any other communities Mission Viejo has some Yoga centers. Among these, the SoCal Paddle Yoga is the most popular. The center also has paddle boarding opportunities. Any person who visits Mission Viejo can visit this center to have a great experience. After having a yoga class enjoying a sunset and paddle boarding is amazing. This place makes theworkout fun. The center has trained instructors who help people to get along with paddleboards.

These are the main spots to visit in Mission Viejo. These places can good choices to enjoy with friends and families.